Grab the steering wheel on your money

Sometimes payday is too far away, at other times you just want to feel comfortable that you’ll have enough on the first - and sometimes you may even want a nudge to help you save

Get access to your salary within an hour of finishing a shift

Just helped out a colleague by taking their shift?
Nice - that's extra money going straight into your weekend plans, guilt-free!

Set targets and reach your financial goals!

Saving up for deposit on a flat? or a trip to Thailand?
Set targets for how much you want to save - and with our after-tax calculator you can always see if you're reaching your targets or need to take an extra shift!

Worry-free - we ensure money is saved for bills.

There are always bills to pay at the start of a month - so we make sure we "freeze" enough money for this.
So you just need to think about how to best spend (or save) the money that's available.