Why get Butter?

Motivate & attract employees

Motivate employees to take more shifts

Employees are more motivated to take that extra Friday shift, when they know that funds a weekend - or a savings goal. Studies from the UK indicate up to 22% higher productivity.

Attract the best talent & keep it!

There is a competition on the best employees - and whoever is able to give them the right package will attract the very best!

Reduce time spent explaining salary

Save HR & Finance from explaining salary slips every month - we make it easy for employees to understand shifts & salary themselves.


Get started quickly - we take care of all the hassle!

Easily integrates with your systems

Butter works with your existing workforce management system & payroll provider.

Protects your cashflow

Butter takes care of liquidity - so you avoid using your cashflow!

Make life easy for your finance team

We help employees understand their salary slips, so HR & FInance doesn’t have to

How does it work?


Your employees can see what they
have earned

Butter gets the data directly from your systems - so the employees always knows what they have earned at any time of the month.
We also calculate taxes for the employees, to help them plan their spending better!


You decide, how much can be withdrawn

The most important thing for us is to ensure the employees are financially safe. Both during the month, but especially on the 1st, when their bills come in.
We recommend a limit to taking out 40% of earned net salary, allowing them freedom, while ensuring they can pay their bills.


The employees have access to
their earned salary -
when they need it

Maybe an unexpected bill came in, or their computer went down. Or it could be your employee saw a pair of shoes they want, and takes an extra shift to afford them tomorrow rather than in a month. Either way, they do their job and they get paid - when they need it.


We pay out the amount to the employee

When an employee withdraws money, they get paid within 2 hours.
It will not impact your cashflow, as we take care of it.


You do your end-of-month salary as normal

You run your end-of-month salary as normal, and upload a Butter file to your salary processors, which will then report correctly for tax purposes.
We get paid for any withdrawals we have paid out during the month at this point, through an automated payment.

No extra hassle for you or your bookkeeper.

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