Get your salary when you need it

Butter gives you access to your salary when you have earned it - finish your shift and get paid. No fees or interest rate.

Get paid instantly for taking an extra shift

Help a buddy out by taking an extra shift, and get paid instantly!
Sometimes pay day seems far away - Butter gives you access to your own earned salary as soon as you have earned it.

Unexpected expense at the end of the month?

Did you accidentally smash your iphone at the end of the month? Or forgot about that birthday you're going to? We've all been there.
Now that's no longer an issue, as you can solve it by taking an extra shift or taking out money you've earned!

No hidden fees or interest rate

There's no fees, as this benefit is covered by your employer. We also make sure that you've always saved 60% of your salary for the first, so you can pay your bills - so you can feel safe and guilt-free.